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It's finally here— the silk pillowcase that keeps your skin and hair moisturized without aggravating acne. And did we mention it feels absolutely luxurious to sleep on? The déjà silk pillowcase has 3 pages so you can sleep on a perfectly clean surface each night. Get the moisturizing, hair-smoothing benefits of sleeping on silk while preventing acne. 

  • 20 momme silk
  • machine wash, tumble dry
  • Free US Shipping
  • Queen Measures: 51 cm x 76 cm
  • King Measures: 51 cm x 92 cm

Please Note: King silk pillowcases are still in production and will ship about a month from order date. 

Customer Reviews

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Great quality for a 7-in-1 silk pillowcase

Great quality for a 7-in-1 silk pillowcase. 4 stars: I wish it was a little bit less expensive or tax was covered, as i had to pay tax for canada shipment.

Nice, but...

I really love the concept of the deja pillow, and the silk feels great. But the design definitely has flaws - there's no inside pocket on the pillow case to actually hold the pillow inside the case, so when the case is silky this means that every single morning the end of my pillow has slipped out of the pillowcase. In that same vein, the pages that you turn only attach together in one corner and are not held taught across the pillow, so again it means when I'm sleeping they slide and bunch up and I can get material bunched in front of my face. Both problems could be solved with some way of fastening them together at the end of the pillow so that the pillow is kept inside the case and the pages are held taught across the pillow. But as it is I wouldn't buy again.

Own Both Prefer Silk

There both great pillowcases. I do prefer the Silk. When you wake up you really do notice the difference. Your skin is less oily and you feel as though you havent even slept. Would definelty recommend as someone who suffered from cystic acne. Give it a try.

Great pillowcase!

I was pretty surprised that this silk pillowcase does what it says it does! I bought it because of my trouble with acne and an oily face. I wake up in the morning and my face isn’t as oily as it normally is. My breakouts are almost all gone. Thanks Déjà!

Silk pillowcase

I’ve been wanting to buy a silk pillowcase for quite a while but I realized I would have to buy at least 3 to have a clean one nightly so I didn’t buy any because that would of been too costly for me. Then I saw this one that took care of having a nightly clean pillowcase for a fraction of the price so I purchased it hoping it would be what I wanted . I am happy to say it is and that I’m very glad I purchased it. This is the first review I have ever written because this is exactly what I wanted ( and I’m 70) thank you for a great product

Reinventing the wheel!

I love my de ja pillowcase because I feel so clean every time I go to bed. This is such a great solution and a nice luxurious take on a staple item!

I can’t believe these have finally been made!!

This pillow case is just pure Genius! My skin and hair are so thankful and have benefited enormously!! Amazing pillowcase innovation!

Where have you been all my life

I purchased this pillow, because I have sensitive skin, and I found that if I used the same pillow case for more than a couple of nights, I would break out, and my hair felt dead and dry. I was searching for a standard silk pillowcase, till I found Deja! It’s high quality and soft, I have noticed my skin much more clearer, and my hair feels smoother. I love the fact that it’s multiple pillowcases in one, I sleep better knowing my skin is well cared for, thank you Déjà!!!!!

Much more comfortable than the cotton material

The silk pillow case is so soft and much more comfortable than the cotton version. It stays much cleaner and is great for sensitive or acne-prone skin to be able to sleep on a fresh pillow each night or however often you decide to flip the pages. I wouldn't give it 5 stars due to the steep price and the ties that hold the pages together tend to come undone pretty easily, but I would recommend.

Great Product, Design Could be Even Better

The material of the silk pillowcase is soft and very nice. The size fits my pillow just perfectly, maybe a bit snug. If you have a big pillow keep that in mind. The ribbon used to hold the sheets together is difficult/time-consuming to thread through the sheets each night. There is an opportunity to improve the design there. Either way, I would still purchase again. Great product.