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It's finally here— the silk pillowcase that keeps your skin and hair moisturized without aggravating acne. And did we mention it feels absolutely luxurious to sleep on? The déjà silk pillowcase has 3 pages so you can sleep on a perfectly clean surface each night. Get the moisturizing, hair-smoothing benefits of sleeping on silk while preventing acne. 

  • 20 momme silk
  • machine wash, tumble dry
  • Free US Shipping
  • Queen Measures: 51 cm x 76 cm
  • King Measures: 51 cm x 92 cm

Queen silk are on pre-order and discounted (the only time they go on sale) these will ship before mid February.

King silk are on pre-order and discounted (the only time they go on sale) , expected shipment in March. 

Customer Reviews

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So far so good!

It’s just a great idea. Works well, feels soft. I hope the ribbon holds up over time.

Love having a fresh place to lay my head

I love the design of this pillowcase. Obviously, it’s why I bought it, but the experience is just a wonderful as I’d imagined it’d be. There really is something different about the way a fresh pillowcase feels on the skin, and with this pillowcase, I get that experience every night for over a week, without having to wash eight pillowcases!


déjà silk pillowcase

Teen Daughter Is THRILLED with this Pillowcase!

Our beautiful teen daughter is at that stage in her life where hormones are battling it out and her skin is showing it. She was diagnosed with cystic acne (I had it too, so have much sympathy), and has to change her pillowcase daily. She was so excited when she learned about the deja pillowcase. We decided to splurge and get the silk version. The verdict? She loves it. Eight days worth of wear between washes. She enjoys the silky feel of it and worries less about changing and scrounging for clean pillowcases. She plans to take her deja pillowcase with her to college next year--less to worry about and always clean--those things are good for college years too.

God Sent

I love this pillow case!!! It makes things so much easier for my acne prone skin and after only a week of using I can see a subtle change. Can’t wait to see how it helps more!

Perfect Pillowcase

I love my new pilllowcase! Its beatiful, comfortable, and functional.

Well worth the price!

I have a terrible problem with a combination of sensitive skin and adult acne. I've been struggling with breakouts for months. I saved up for this pillowcase for a long time as soon as I saw what it could be used for and I couldn't be more happy with it! It's helped save my poor skin so many issues by having a clean surface to sleep on every night. My breakouts have already started to go down! Definitely would recommend to anyone who has problems with either sensitive skin or acne.


déjà silk pillowcase

Amazing Results!

After just a couple of nights my skin was almost completely clear! It was a very noticeable difference - I actually feel comfortable skipping my foundation now!

My hair is also more manageable in the mornings using the silk pillowcase!

If you're on the fence, try it! My skin has never looked better!

Great quality for a 7-in-1 silk pillowcase

Great quality for a 7-in-1 silk pillowcase. 4 stars: I wish it was a little bit less expensive or tax was covered, as i had to pay tax for canada shipment.