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It's finally here— the silk pillowcase that keeps your skin and hair moisturized without aggravating acne. And did we mention it feels absolutely luxurious to sleep on? The déjà silk pillowcase has 3 pages so you can sleep on a perfectly clean surface each night. Get the moisturizing, hair-smoothing benefits of sleeping on silk while preventing acne. 

Pre-ordering means we can discount the price, making this a can't miss opportunity to get the luxury of silk for less. Orders will ship about a month after being placed, and you will be kept updated on the progress :) 

  • 20 momme silk
  • Queen Size pillowcase
  • machine wash, tumble dry
  • Free US Shipping

Customer Reviews

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simply makes a difference

love the feeling of turning around my pillow to a fresh "page" every night. great addition to the sleep routine. plus my hair has never been more silky. and no new breakouts yet!

New Silk deja!

I love my new silk deja pillowcase. I now have several of the cotton pillowcases to make sure I am never without one if I am slacking on the laundry. First off let me just say, the cotton feels soft, luxurious and amazing on its own, and the silk is now an extra special bonus. The pages have deeper pockets for a noticeable improvement and overall my skin thanks me for using the deja whether its silk or cotton! This is a must have for anyone that is serious about their skincare routine.