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It's finally here— the silk pillowcase that keeps your skin and hair moisturized without aggravating acne. And did we mention it feels absolutely luxurious to sleep on? The déjà silk pillowcase has 3 pages so you can sleep on a perfectly clean surface each night. Get the moisturizing, hair-smoothing benefits of sleeping on silk while preventing acne. 

  • 20 momme silk
  • machine wash, tumble dry
  • Free US Shipping
  • Queen Measures: 51 cm x 76 cm
  • King Measures: 51 cm x 92 cm

Customer Reviews

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Danica M.

Love it! Great Product!!

good but overpriced?

it’s good to sleep on a fresh sheet each night. for that the pillow works the way it’s supposed to… but why does it cost so much? the material is thin which isn’t really a problem for me but it doesn’t actually feel like real silk either

Marie S.
Perfect in every way

So smooth and luxurious. Doesn't "catch" on my fingers.

Ellen G.

I could not be happier with these pillowcases that protect both my hair and my skin!! Plus they feel like a dream. Also customer service is super proactive and easy to deal with. A+++

Sara C.
Sleeping Beauty

This silk pillowcase is like sleeping on a cloud. I look forward to resting my head on a new page each night. (Yes, if you think of your pillow as a book, it’s easy to remember which direction to flip to a fresh page). Dreamy! I actually don’t bother with the ties as it seems to stay silky smooth.

Meggan M.
So close!

Absolutely love the idea of these. I ordered both the cotton and 'silk' versions and like them both. I have washed them a couple times and they seem to come out just fine - love that you can dry the 'silk' version compared to my other cases that need to line dry. There are two main issues however - (1) I have a hard time keeping track of which side and which layer I have used day to day. You literally have to keep notes, and if you toss and turn in the night, its nearly impossible. Which pretty much defeats the purpose - unless you physically alter the case by marking each page/side. An embroidery would be a next-level touch. (2) similar to all the other reviews, the tie backs are difficult to thread even for young agile fingers and good eyes - and they often come undone in the night.

All said and done, they are soft, still look great on my bed, and I genuinely feel that this a much better than the alternative for keeping my acne away and giving me a bit more peace of mind.

Molly G.
Cotton Pillowcase

I like it! Had a problem with the ribbon tie coming off, but customer service was very helpful!

Ken N.

Echoing sentinent about ribbon tie undoing after sleep. Pillow case in general also easy to undo and tight on my king size pillow.
Silk pillowcase momme for pricing questionable, more akin to sateen.

River N.
The best pillowcase I've ever had!

Firstly I had troubles in the post with this due to my area, and was afraid I wouldn't be getting it, but support was able to get everything sorted out and make the moment right and I couldn't be more grateful! Since then I've comfortably been enjoying changing my pillowcase every week instead of everyday, not to mention the benefits of the silk's natural hypoallergenic and even anti microbial properties. It's surly an expensive investment at first but it more than pays off, can't recommend this enough to all those with skin disorders. A+, I love it!

Innovative design - could update the fastening system

This is a very comfy pillowcase. The silk is not the thickest momme but it adequately serves the purpose. The only issue is that the leaves slide around when moving my head during sleep, contributing to some light wrinkling that would not otherwise be apparent in a regular pillowcase. Because there is only one tie to fasten the leaves, I am not sure how long the tie will hold up over time. Otherwise, I appreciate this design!