How does the déjà pillowcase prevent acne and improve skin texture?

When you sleep on a traditional pillowcase without laundering it, you are exposing your skin to bacteria, oil, product residue and dust. These build up each night, and get rubbed into your skin as you sleep. This aggravates acne, clogging pores and triggering sensitive skin. The déjà pillowcase gives your skin a chance to rest and heal, by making it easy to sleep on a fresh surface every night.

How long can I go without washing the déjà pillowcase?

We recommend washing the deja pillowcase after 8 nights of rest. This means your face never rests on a surface that has already been exposed to your skin's oils.

How should I care for the déjà pillowcase?

The déjà pillowcase is machine washable and dryable. Please be aware of the detergent you use— some may have chemicals and fragrances that are irritating to your skin. Fabric softener in particular sticks to the surface of fabric, and can clog pores. Dryer sheets can have the same effect.  

What is the déjà pillowcase made of?

The déjà pillowcase is made of 100% cotton. We chose this fabric for its breathable properties, soft feel, and longevity. We chose not to use silver ions or essential oils on our fabric, as these wash out over time, and we were concerned with potential health and sustainability issues. Instead, we stuck to a completely natural approach.

Is the déjà pillowcase comfortable?

Very! The déjà pillowcase feels like a regular pillowcase as you sleep. And, you get to have that amazing fresh-sheet feeling each night.

How many “pages” does the pillowcase have?

The déjà pillowcase has 3 pages, and one inner pillowcase. After the first 4 nights, flip the pillowcase to get an additional 4 nights of clean sleep.

I sleep on a silk pillowcase— is the déjà available in silk?

Yes! You can get the silk déjà pilliowcase here