What's on your pillowcase?






During your 8 hours of rest, oil from your hair, hands, and face build up on the surface of the pillowcase. Each night of rest leads to more buildup.  While this oil keeps your skin healthy and moisturized in normal amounts, rubbing in old oil each night clogs pores and aggravates acne. 






That oil makes a great breeding ground for bacteria. Some bacteria are good, but some are acne-causing. You don't want to allow them to multiply on the surface where you will rest your face. Give your skin the chance to heal itself with a clean surface to rest on. 



Dust & Dirt



Your pillowcase collects dust from the air, and dirt from anytime someone has leaned against it wearing clothes worn outside. If it rolls off the bed, a simple brush off won't do to get rid of the tiny particles stuck all over. 




Product Residue



Many makeup and hair products have comedogenic properties— and its difficult to avoid a bit of residue being left over, even after showering. This residue then transfers to the pillowcase— perhaps not a big deal after one night of rest, but Americans on average wash their sheets every 2-3 weeks. That's a lot of buildup!




The déjà pillowcase was developed as an easy way to combat these acne triggering particles. We made it out of soft 100% cotton for its moisture-wicking properties and breathability. There are no silver ions or essential oils in the fabric, as there are health concerns surrounding these and the antibacterial properties lessen overtime. The déjà pillowcase is made to last, from the first 8 nights to the next 800. 


Why déjà?


one of the cheapest skincare treatments out there

the déjà pillowcase is made to last, unlike topical creams which you need to buy over and over again. Even drugstore treatments end up being very expensive. Improve your skin without breaking the bank.

complements any skincare routine

whenever you’re adding a new item to your skincare routine, you need to make sure the chemicals don’t interact negatively with each other. Because the déjà pillowcase doesn’t involve any chemicals, it can be added easily to any routine, boosting its effectiveness.

feels amazing

you know that feeling when you’ve just washed the sheets? Get that every night with the déjà pillowcase.

makes good habits easy

things that we know are good for us, can be difficult to make a habit (like flossing.) The easier it is to do it, the more likely we are to stick with it! The déjà pillowcase makes it simple to sleep on a clean surface each night (even if it’s a late night and you were too tired to floss.)

Give your skin the rest it deserves. Wake up feeling fresh and restored. Try the déjà pillowcase!