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I love using my new déjà pillowcase! It arrived quickly (sooner than expected) and is easy to use. My skin's been clearing up despite me not changing any other part of my routine. I bought two for myself, but I'm thinking of getting this for friends.

Perfect compliment to a great skincare routine!

Over the past 6 months or so I finally nailed down a routine that has my skin looking its best in about 20 years, and I knew that sticking with a clean pillowcase was an important element to maintaining it. I've been very happy with the déjà so far, as the cotton is perfectly breathable (also good for the skin), works in harmony with my cooling pillow thanks to not being too stiff or thick, and is so easy to use and such a great concept! It's already cut down on the laundry issue, and that alone is a huge plus. Big fan!

So far so good!

It’s just a great idea. Works well, feels soft. I hope the ribbon holds up over time.

Great pillowcases

My skin seems better after sleeping on these pillow cases for a few weeks.

Love having a fresh place to lay my head

I love the design of this pillowcase. Obviously, it’s why I bought it, but the experience is just a wonderful as I’d imagined it’d be. There really is something different about the way a fresh pillowcase feels on the skin, and with this pillowcase, I get that experience every night for over a week, without having to wash eight pillowcases!

déjà silk pillowcase

Teen Daughter Is THRILLED with this Pillowcase!

Our beautiful teen daughter is at that stage in her life where hormones are battling it out and her skin is showing it. She was diagnosed with cystic acne (I had it too, so have much sympathy), and has to change her pillowcase daily. She was so excited when she learned about the deja pillowcase. We decided to splurge and get the silk version. The verdict? She loves it. Eight days worth of wear between washes. She enjoys the silky feel of it and worries less about changing and scrounging for clean pillowcases. She plans to take her deja pillowcase with her to college next year--less to worry about and always clean--those things are good for college years too.

Helps maintain clear skin

My skin has been noticeably clearer since using this pillowcase. It is slightly big but does the job.

Geile Idee

Habe mittelschwere Akne und deshalb das Kissen bestellt.
Der Bezug lässt sich sehr leicht wechseln und fühlt sich super an.
Der Stoff ist hochwertig und es ist angenehm darauf zu schlafen.


Very good quality pillowcase, super idea, I‘ve bought two already

What I've been looking for and didn't know it!!

I stimbled upon this pillowcase by doing a web search about ways to prevent acne. Once I saw the concept and reviews, I had to try it. I must say. I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED. This pillocase is awesome!! I love that I get 8 nights of sleep on a clean case without any worries of potential break outs. My husbnad knows which is MY pillow so no sharing issues and it's super easy to care for. I will be buying another soon.


My skin has been so much better since switching to déjà!

No worries!

Yay! No more worrying if I flipped my pillow or changing it every other night. A clean pillow was my last addition in an new skincare routine and it’s paid off big time! I’m breaking out less and sleeping better without worry of new breakouts!

For me it's the perfect pillow

For me it's the perfect pillow

Acne already improved

It’s only been a week (and I’ve also removed gluten from my diet) but I have seen a great improvement in my acne since I’ve been using the pillow. A fresh clean surface every night. Although I was washing my face well I do think the oil from my hair etc was a contributing factor to my acne, especially b/c it was happening only on the cheek side that I sleep on. I’d highly recommend this pillow. I’m really glad I bought it!


The pillow has saved me so much time in changing my pillowcases. When I would forget, I would see breakouts on my face. I wish I found this pillowcase a long time ago!

I'll say it again, best invention!

Such a fabulous idea especially for acne suffers. This is so simple to use and beautifully designed. I have already sent to my friends that suffer from acne. I also flip the "pages" in between hair washings (I was my hair every other day). Really genius.

The best

This is an unbelievable brilliant idea. Nothing better than a fresh new pillowcase every night. I love it and will be buying more.

déjà cotton pillowcase

Loving my pillowcase.

I’ve had my pillowcase for a week, and I love it! No new breakouts, and a fresh and clean pillowcase every night!

God Sent

I love this pillow case!!! It makes things so much easier for my acne prone skin and after only a week of using I can see a subtle change. Can’t wait to see how it helps more!

Best pillow case ever

Even if the order came after a long time in France, I’m really happy with this pillow case.
I ordered two queen size for 14 days and I see a difference in my face just after 5 days !
I recommend it a lot !

this helped my acne go away

Works so far

Easy enough to use and comfortable. Nice not to have to wash pillows all the time.

Perfect Pillowcase

I love my new pilllowcase! Its beatiful, comfortable, and functional.