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good but overpriced?

it’s good to sleep on a fresh sheet each night. for that the pillow works the way it’s supposed to… but why does it cost so much? the material is thin which isn’t really a problem for me but it doesn’t actually feel like real silk either

Perfect in every way

So smooth and luxurious. Doesn't "catch" on my fingers.

Acne Who?

So prior to buying the Deja pillowcase, I had a wicked outbreak of acne. I have literally never had acne in my life, but I guess my 34th birthday felt like giving me that lovely little gift. Anywho, I tried different face scrubs, face masks, etc with no change. I finally found a skincare line that seems to tame the mountains on my face (okay I'm being a tad dramatic, but coming from someone who has never had acne as I mentioned, even the tiniest breakouts feel like the end of the world to me). In my search to continue to provide my face with the best products possible, I was led to the idea of a silk pillowcase. All of the ones on Amazon were either way underpriced, which is sketchy because there usually isn't anything on this green earth that is cheap AND good, or they were around $200. I'm not paying $200 for a damn pillowcase. This led me to Deja. This pillowcase is genius not only because you change the leaves every night, but your face just FEELS clean when you lay your pretty little head on it. The only thing I wish that it had, as some other reviews have stated, is a tag or an embroidery on each leaf that tells you what day of the week you're on. Other than that, I highly recommend it for anyone (with acne or not).


I could not be happier with these pillowcases that protect both my hair and my skin!! Plus they feel like a dream. Also customer service is super proactive and easy to deal with. A+++


Very good material


Convenient that I don't have to switch out my pillow case everyday! Feels nice to have a fresh sheet every time.

Love these pillowcases!

I had the standard size for 3+ years and it's the best investment I've ever made. Just ordered the king for a new pillow and I'll never go back to normal pillowcases!

Best Pillow Purchase for Clean Skin!

I bought this pillow to help me keep my face clean - I get monthly facials and recently went through a series of micro needling and peels. After care is critical to getting the best results from these treatments and Déjà Pillow helps me do this. What a great product!

Best idea of a pilow case!

We are very happy

This thing is genius

After damaging my skin with too many exfoliants, I've been making a concerted effort to repair my skin barrier. This pillowcase has been a huge help in this process -- instead of having to fiddle with towels or changing out my pillowcase multiple times a week, all I have to do is turn the "page" every morning when making my bed. Couldn't be easier! I've been using this pillowcase for a few weeks now, and truly love it. Never going back to a normal pillowcase! I've also washed it 3 or 4 times now, and unlike other reviewers I haven't had any problems with the ribbon detaching.

It looks really good

It looks really good

Sleeping Beauty

This silk pillowcase is like sleeping on a cloud. I look forward to resting my head on a new page each night. (Yes, if you think of your pillow as a book, it’s easy to remember which direction to flip to a fresh page). Dreamy! I actually don’t bother with the ties as it seems to stay silky smooth.

So far so good

I've gone through a full cycle on my pillow and found it super easy. I haven't been confused by which side I've already used and which I haven't because there is an odd number of leaves, so I just remember how many were left on the side I'm using. The fabric is nice and cotton-y. My only complaint is that I sleep with multiple pillows cause I flop around all night and now I need to get more pillowcases!

Exactly what i have been dreaming of!

Changing my pillowcases often has helped clear of up my skin drastically but switching to Déjà has been a game changer. I sleep better and flipping to a fresh case each night is so easy a day is never missed. I regret not buying this years ago.

Wonderful pillowcase!

I love my deja pillowcases - they are so soft! I have both silk and cotton. It's a genius idea to have a clean pillowcase every night.

Best investment ever

This is literally the smartest invention. It is super soft, easy to use/wash and durable!
I would love to buy a second set to have for all the days of the week
I am the happiest!!!

Best pillowcase!

Super soft, easy to use and makes my feel like I have a clean pillowcase every night without the hassle of laundry!

In love!

The déjà pillowcase has been an absolute life saver! I love being able to change my pillowcase every night and with such ease. After the first week I noticed a huge difference in my skin and how clear it has stayed. Plus, I toss and turn at night and the ribbon keeps the pillow pages secured all night long. I highly recommend déjà pillowcases!

So close!

Absolutely love the idea of these. I ordered both the cotton and 'silk' versions and like them both. I have washed them a couple times and they seem to come out just fine - love that you can dry the 'silk' version compared to my other cases that need to line dry. There are two main issues however - (1) I have a hard time keeping track of which side and which layer I have used day to day. You literally have to keep notes, and if you toss and turn in the night, its nearly impossible. Which pretty much defeats the purpose - unless you physically alter the case by marking each page/side. An embroidery would be a next-level touch. (2) similar to all the other reviews, the tie backs are difficult to thread even for young agile fingers and good eyes - and they often come undone in the night.

All said and done, they are soft, still look great on my bed, and I genuinely feel that this a much better than the alternative for keeping my acne away and giving me a bit more peace of mind.

Stays nice and cool

Love this pillowcase, stays nice and cool and fresh night after night!

Cotton Pillowcase

I like it! Had a problem with the ribbon tie coming off, but customer service was very helpful!

One week in and it's working well

I'm a back and side sleeper and move around a lot. I don't even tie it and I have no issues. I use a memory foam curved pillow so I don't bunch my pillow up which may help. I hope it stays smooth and washes well as I continue to use it.

Not just for germophobes

Besides being a brilliant idea and completely functional, this is a great pillowcase. Soft and silky. Brilliant design, not bulky, easy to switch to fresh, clean, sheet each night for 8 days in a row or longer if you don't flip each day. My biggest problem is my dog is obsessed with it and wants to sleep with it too. Might get him one for his dog bed!

I love the pages! I love clean sleep!

I love having a clean page to sleep on every night. I can sleep assured that product from the night before isn't touching my face again!

The only con is the ribbon to secure the pages ripped out within the first 5 nights before I ever even laundered it 😫

Really nice idea, really nice pillowcase!

Very nice material for a smooth, soft feel. The design is really innovative. Shipping was fast.
The only minor issue, it would be nicer if the ties had firmer ends or stitched folded over ends to make “threading the pages” easier. Otherwise excellent.