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"a one-time investment that pretty much guarantees a lifetime of better skin... yeah, I am in." -Elite Daily

A game-changing skincare essential, the déjà pillowcase is uniquely designed to help make good skincare habits easy, lighten your laundry loads, and prevent acne breakouts in a whole new way. 

No longer lose sleep over acne-causing bacteria, pore-clogging oils, and the build up of skin-irritating product residue found on normal, regularly unwashed pillowcases. With déjà, you can make every day a fresh start for your skin (without the extra laundry). Created with multiple “pages” that you turn each night, déjà provides a total of 8 nights of clean sleep with just a once-a-week wash.

We’re perfectly natural skincare that works. Elevate your skincare routine with déjà, and give yourself the beauty sleep you deserve, night after night.

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    • Soft 100% cotton sateen 
    • Queen Measures: 51 cm x 76 cm
    • King Measures: 51 cm x 92 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews
Gianella M.
Best investment ever

This is literally the smartest invention. It is super soft, easy to use/wash and durable!
I would love to buy a second set to have for all the days of the week
I am the happiest!!!

Lauren A.
Best pillowcase!

Super soft, easy to use and makes my feel like I have a clean pillowcase every night without the hassle of laundry!

Kelcie F.
In love!

The déjà pillowcase has been an absolute life saver! I love being able to change my pillowcase every night and with such ease. After the first week I noticed a huge difference in my skin and how clear it has stayed. Plus, I toss and turn at night and the ribbon keeps the pillow pages secured all night long. I highly recommend déjà pillowcases!

Jenna P.
Stays nice and cool

Love this pillowcase, stays nice and cool and fresh night after night!

Joli W.
One week in and it's working well

I'm a back and side sleeper and move around a lot. I don't even tie it and I have no issues. I use a memory foam curved pillow so I don't bunch my pillow up which may help. I hope it stays smooth and washes well as I continue to use it.

Barbara E.
Not just for germophobes

Besides being a brilliant idea and completely functional, this is a great pillowcase. Soft and silky. Brilliant design, not bulky, easy to switch to fresh, clean, sheet each night for 8 days in a row or longer if you don't flip each day. My biggest problem is my dog is obsessed with it and wants to sleep with it too. Might get him one for his dog bed!

Arielle F.
I love the pages! I love clean sleep!

I love having a clean page to sleep on every night. I can sleep assured that product from the night before isn't touching my face again!

The only con is the ribbon to secure the pages ripped out within the first 5 nights before I ever even laundered it 😫

Really nice idea, really nice pillowcase!

Very nice material for a smooth, soft feel. The design is really innovative. Shipping was fast.
The only minor issue, it would be nicer if the ties had firmer ends or stitched folded over ends to make “threading the pages” easier. Otherwise excellent.

Molly G.
Cotton Pillowcase

Great idea and great customer service!

Olivia V.
Did Not Meet Expectations, But Did Help My Acne

Had pretty high expectations for this pillowcase, and some of them were met. I haven't been using it long, but I haven't had as many breakouts on the sides of my face and jawline. On the other hand, I just took this pillowcase out of the dryer after washing it for the 4th time and one of the ribbons is hanging on by a thread. The other ribbon is already fraying and it will probably only take another wash or two for both of them to completely fall off. If I pay $35 for a pillow and wait 2 months for it to arrive at my house, I expect better quality. The fabric of the pillowcase itself is nice, but the ribbon material needs to change and the stitching needs to be reinforced. Unless you're handwashing this pillowcase, it's only a matter of time before the ribbon gets damaged from machine washing/drying. I've also modified the pillowcase by ironing on small white letters on each "page" of the pillowcase because I easily forget which side I've already slept on. When dealing with 8 white "pages" that all look the exact same, the pages I've already slept on versus which ones I haven't can get confusing. So perhaps in the future, it would be helpful to add a small letter/number to each page so I know which ones I've already used. I'm still going to continue using this pillowcase (once I've fixed the ribbon), but I think some improvements need to be made in order for the price to be worth it.

Hi Olivia,

I'm so sorry about the defective ribbon! We are replacing all the ribbons on our pillowcases with a stronger version. We would be happy to ship you a replacement with a strong ribbon so you can enjoy it for years to come. Also— genius idea with the iron on letters! Thanks so much for the feedback.