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"a one-time investment that pretty much guarantees a lifetime of better skin... yeah, I am in." -Elite Daily

A game-changing skincare essential, the déjà pillowcase is uniquely designed to help make good skincare habits easy, lighten your laundry loads, and prevent acne breakouts in a whole new way. 

No longer lose sleep over acne-causing bacteria, pore-clogging oils, and the build up of skin-irritating product residue found on normal, regularly unwashed pillowcases. With déjà, you can make every day a fresh start for your skin (without the extra laundry). Created with multiple “pages” that you turn each night, déjà provides a total of 8 nights of clean sleep with just a once-a-week wash.

We’re perfectly natural skincare that works. Elevate your skincare routine with déjà, and give yourself the beauty sleep you deserve, night after night.

    • Soft 100% cotton sateen 
    • Queen Measures: 51 cm x 76 cm
    • King Measures: 51 cm x 92 cm

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Customer Reviews

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Klemen N.

Very good material

Delia B.

Convenient that I don't have to switch out my pillow case everyday! Feels nice to have a fresh sheet every time.

Love these pillowcases!

I had the standard size for 3+ years and it's the best investment I've ever made. Just ordered the king for a new pillow and I'll never go back to normal pillowcases!

Lisa M.
Best Pillow Purchase for Clean Skin!

I bought this pillow to help me keep my face clean - I get monthly facials and recently went through a series of micro needling and peels. After care is critical to getting the best results from these treatments and Déjà Pillow helps me do this. What a great product!

Tobias T.
Best idea of a pilow case!

We are very happy

This thing is genius

After damaging my skin with too many exfoliants, I've been making a concerted effort to repair my skin barrier. This pillowcase has been a huge help in this process -- instead of having to fiddle with towels or changing out my pillowcase multiple times a week, all I have to do is turn the "page" every morning when making my bed. Couldn't be easier! I've been using this pillowcase for a few weeks now, and truly love it. Never going back to a normal pillowcase! I've also washed it 3 or 4 times now, and unlike other reviewers I haven't had any problems with the ribbon detaching.

Betrekulu M.
It looks really good

It looks really good

So far so good

I've gone through a full cycle on my pillow and found it super easy. I haven't been confused by which side I've already used and which I haven't because there is an odd number of leaves, so I just remember how many were left on the side I'm using. The fabric is nice and cotton-y. My only complaint is that I sleep with multiple pillows cause I flop around all night and now I need to get more pillowcases!

Chad B.
Exactly what i have been dreaming of!

Changing my pillowcases often has helped clear of up my skin drastically but switching to Déjà has been a game changer. I sleep better and flipping to a fresh case each night is so easy a day is never missed. I regret not buying this years ago.

Wonderful pillowcase!

I love my deja pillowcases - they are so soft! I have both silk and cotton. It's a genius idea to have a clean pillowcase every night.