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A game-changing skincare essential, the déjà pillowcase is uniquely designed to help make good skincare habits easy, lighten your laundry loads, and prevent acne breakouts in a whole new way. 

No longer lose sleep over acne-causing bacteria, pore-clogging oils, and the build up of skin-irritating product residue found on normal, regularly unwashed pillowcases. With déjà, you can make every day a fresh start for your skin (without the extra laundry). Created with multiple “pages” that you turn each night, déjà provides a total of 8 nights of clean sleep with just a once-a-week wash.

We’re perfectly natural skincare that works. Elevate your skincare routine with déjà, and give yourself the beauty sleep you deserve, night after night.

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  • Soft 100% cotton sateen 

Customer Reviews

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Awesome pillowcase...

It saves me the hassle of having to switch pillowcases every couple of days. And it gives me the peace of mind that I'm taking care of my skin every night with a fresh sheet!

love it!

Brilliant idea, and very well-made.

I wish we could have met sooner in my life...

I love this pillow case

Dramatic Skin Improvement and High Quality Pillow!

Not only has the pillow dramatically improved my skin, the quality, feel, look and construction of the pillow is top notch. I will now be ordering multiple pillows for me and my girlfriend (maybe dog too?). Thanks!

Great pillowcase!

It's a simple pillowcase design and I can already tell that my acne is getting a lot better after just 1 week of using it!


déjà cotton pillowcase

Good idea, but could have been GREAT!

I want to start off saying that Deja has exceeding my expectations in many regards and the core purpose of being able to change the pillowcase effortlessly has been reached. However I do have to subtract a star for quality. The pillowcases feel a lot like a resturant table cloth or napkin and frankly I wish for the price it was of a softer variety. I do appreciate the time save though with the price and quality at where it is, perhaps it might be better just to purchase a couple of silk pillow cases. OR offer a silk variety. Good product. Could have been a game changer


It may be too early in the game for me to confirm this but wow, I may have just found the solution to my long time acne. After the past few years I’ve spend over a thousand dollars on skin care procedures just for my skin to be sub par to my standards. I came across this pillow and thought I would give it a try. This mixed in with clipping down my bonnet to make sure it doesn’t fall off at night has been amazing. Again, it’s only been a few days but I don’t have any new bumps on my face...