Habit Shifts to Reduce Acne 

Here are some simple, all-natural habit shifts that make a difference for acne. Even better, if you follow the following lifestyle adjustments, your whole body will feel better and you will gain energy in addition to improvements in your skin.  Here are some steps you can take to help clear skin, naturally!


1. Cut sugar out of your diet. 

how to get rid of acne in 7 days naturally - cut out sugar. cupcakes on a platter with sprinkles

We know, this one is difficult. Not only are sweets delicious, but sugar is also hidden in many savory items (bread, we're looking at you!) Sugar causes your body to release insulin and IGF-1, which in turn increase sebum production and pore size. Furthermore, sugar increases inflammation, which is closely linked to acne. You can see a study on this here. By cutting sugar out of your diet for 7 days, not only will you get rid of acne, but you will feel the changes in your energy levels.

2. Sleep on a clean pillowcase each night.

how to get rid of acne in 7 days naturally - fresh pillowcase. pillows and sheets on bed

Yes, your pillowcase could be aggravating your acne. Each night, oils from skin and hair build up on its surface, in addition to hair products, makeup, and small particles of dust and dirt. These clog pores, feeding into a cycle of acne. To get rid of acne in 7 days, you can place a clean towel on your pillowcase each night. Once you see the effects this has, check out the déjà pillowcase for an easier option. The déjà pillowcase makes 8 days of clean sleep easy. 


3. Get more sleep and drink more water.

how to get rid of acne in 7 days - drink more water. glass of water with lemon in it

We know, these ones you've been hearing for a while. But that's because they're time tested beauty truths! Lack of sleep puts your body in a state of stress, which increases glucocorticoid production and leads to acne. By drinking more water, you flush out toxins and prevent dehydration, which makes it easier for your skin to heal itself.


4. Try skipping your cleansers, and simply wash your face gently with water in the morning and night.

how to get rid acne 7 days - wash face with water - woman washing face in waterfall

After the intense marketing coming from the beauty industry, is it any wonder that most of us are over-washing our skin? It's easy to do more harm than good. Furthermore, many of us may actually be sensitive to the fragrances and other fancy ingredients in skincare items. Without taking a break, it's easy to never discover this sensitivity. After washing your face with water, dry it with either a fresh towel or a cotton ball— NOT with the same towel used the day before. 


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