Foods to Get Rid of Acne

Achieving clear skin, and getting rid of acne, is as much about what you put in your body as what you put on it. Foods to get rid of acne also tend to be better for you, so it’s worth trying to incorporate these into your diet.

Foods to Get Rid of Acne - slices of whole grain bread on a plate, with other bowls of food

Sugar, and highly processed grains which behave like sugar, are one of the main culprits in breakouts. Instead of white bread, pastries, or bagels, find a whole-grain substitute. A whole grain includes the endosperm, germ, and bran of the grain, while a refined grain contains only the endosperm. The germ and the bran contain many beneficial nutrients, and do not cause insulin spikes like refined grains. Beware of marketing tactics designed to mislead— “multigrain” is not necessarily whole grain— it can just have different grain flours mixed in.

Foods to Get Rid of Acne - cooked lentils in a green bowl, mixed with carrots and parsley

Lentils and quinoa are rich in zinc, which helps regulate hormones and metabolism. To get the most results from adding zinc to your diet, try to get 40 mg per day. Other zinc-rich foods are most nuts, ginger, oysters, split peas and lima beans.

Foods to Get Rid of Acne - cup of green tea sitting on a white breakfast tray with a flower and a book

Cut out soda and juice— drink more water and green tea instead. This will cut down your sugar intake dramatically. When skin is dry, it is more susceptible to infections, as its protective barrier is compromised. Keeping hydrated is very important! Green tea is full of antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties, that can keep skin glowing.


Foods to Get Rid of Acne - two slices of raw salmon sitting on an open paper on a table

You want to make sure you’re getting enough Omega-3 fatty acids. These are in seafood, nuts, and seeds. Omega-3s help reduce inflammation, and strengthen the skin barrier.


Not only do these foods help get rid of acne, they also will help you feel and perform better, as healthy skin is linked to a healthy body.


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